Sunday, August 20, 2006

IRS/SSA Summer Updates for Small Businesses

The IRS/SSA has a few updates for small businesses in the summer edition of The Reporter. Three new resources for small businesses are now available in electronic format to assist small businesses with understanding how taxes work. The three resources are:

The 2006 Small Business Resource Guide – an interactive CD that provides small business owners with valuable skills they need to manage their business. Included in the CD is information on starting a new business to choosing a retirement plan options.

A Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (Publication 1066C) – a DVD that helps small business owners meet their federal tax obligations. It is a ten lesson workshop that presents tax subjects and also has a text only help lesson with links to the latest information on the IRS website.

The Tax Calendar for Small Business and Self Employed (Publication 1518) – consists of information on general business, SSA customer service, important tax dates, retirement plans, and more.

Order copies of these resources at,,id=101169,00.html

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Brian N. Stovall

The Brico Group, Inc.