Friday, July 20, 2012

Your Business in Your Pocket - The Mobile Revolution

Everywhere a small business owner turns these days, there is always some talk about the cloud, mobile apps, and how it can improve their operations. From email systems to document management to accounting, the cloud seems to be the great equalizer allowing small firms and entrepreneurs compete with their large counterparts. But, is all this talk just a fad or trend and can it really make a difference to small business owner?

Well the cloud has been around for quite some time (even though much of what small biz owners read says otherwise) and really if you have not embraced the cloud in your small business, you could be operating at a considerable disadvantage. Most cloud offerings allow the small business owner anytime access to critical information they need to run their businesses. The cloud also is more stable and secure than trying to deploy software or save/backup information internally (I know many will disagree, but it is harder to break into a data center than your internal servers). Bottom line is if you want to stay competitive and be abreast with your peers, a venture into the cloud must be in your future.

But what is you want to stay ahead and not abreast of your peers?

If you want to be on the cutting edge then let me put the bug in your ear now about the next big trend…you ready!

It’s mobile, yes mobile.

With the introduction of smart phones, the mobile revolution is upon us and the time to get in is now (please join me it’s kinda lonely). Imagine a world where you can take a snapshot of a document with your smart phone and immediately upload it into your database, or accounting software and your team has immediate access to the information. Would that save time and money for your small business?

In the coming days we will post a few videos on the new mobile revolution and how you can embrace it now. When a small business couples mobile technology with the cloud, efficiency gains above and beyond their current processes can be realized, and you can save a little time and money.