Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta Hate Mondays

Interesting news today as Microsoft stops selling their XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers. The main option now is Windows Vista for those interesting in purchasing a computer. If there happens to be a small business computer retailer in your area, there may still be an option to purchase a system through the end of January. Another option is to focus on new ultra low cost PC’s that not only will have XP, can also save you money. Guess the major decision for many is to buy now or wait till Microsoft releases Windows 7 in 2009. Feel free to post your thoughts.

Keeping Your Business N Synergy

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Your Cash Coming or Going?

If the slowdown in the economy is affecting your small business, improving your cash management may help when sales are slow. I quick review of a small business’ cash collections policies will reveal if changes (such as interest on late payments, or requiring deposits for jobs) will speed up cash coming into the business.

On the cash disbursements side of the equation, reviewing the costs that vendors charge for goods and services and possibly renogiotiating your rate will keep more cash in your pocket. Small business owners should also consider investing excess cash in the bank in a interest bearing account and have their money working just as hard as hard as the owner.

Keeping Your Business N Synergy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

IRS Indigestion helps Taxpayers

The IRS has gas on their mind and this is great for the individual and small business taxpayer. According to a recent newsroom article the standard mileage rate will increase through December 31st 2008. The new 6-month increase is a direct result of the economy and high fuel prices. The new rates go into effect on July 1 2008 are as follows:

Business - 58.5 cent per mile

Medical Moving – 27 cents per mile

The mileage rate for charitable contributions (14 cents per mile) remains unchanged. Be sure to speak to your tax advisor regarding this change and taking the standard mileage rate for this year.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Paperless Ideas for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have mountains of paperwork to file and the task of organizing, filing, and archiving can take away from growing the business. Coupled with the costs of off-site storage, managing the information can become a job within itself. One way a small business can cut down on the costs and time managing their data is to embrace technology and go to a paperless filing system.

The first step is to stop receiving paper statements from your bank and credit card companies. The statements can typically be downloaded and saved as a PDF file. For archiving and sharing those files (with your accountant) and others be sure to check out Microsoft Office Live Workspace and Windows Live SkyDrive. The tools are free and may help small businesses cut down on the time it takes to organize their important information.

Keeping Your Business N Synergy

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mixing Business and Social

The talk of “networking” is always on the lips of many small business entrepreneurs to meet and possibly generate new business. The more traditional methods of networking usually mix business with socializing to reach out to small businesses in a particular area. The web has brought about a new avenue of networking that is still able to integrate business and socializing with the introduction of social networks. These social networks have been the craze for many individuals to meet and socialize, but now small businesses are also using them to promote their businesses.

It does not stop there. A quick search of the internet produces a wealth of information about how social networks are being used by small and large businesses alike. Here is a special site that may be of interest from Dell. It is a free online course on how to use social networks to promote your business. Enjoy!

Keeping Your Business N Synergy