Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta Hate Mondays

Interesting news today as Microsoft stops selling their XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers. The main option now is Windows Vista for those interesting in purchasing a computer. If there happens to be a small business computer retailer in your area, there may still be an option to purchase a system through the end of January. Another option is to focus on new ultra low cost PC’s that not only will have XP, can also save you money. Guess the major decision for many is to buy now or wait till Microsoft releases Windows 7 in 2009. Feel free to post your thoughts.

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MySpace Design said...

Interesting. I guess Vista it is!

BWin said...

This is a sad day for Windows users. We have enjoyed the ease of use, simplicity and the extremely functional Windows XP for the last few years.

Vista, albeit a solid attempt from Microsoft, is a nightmare and can truly cause a small business owner headaches.

This is coming from a hardcore Microsoft supporter bear in mind. The learning curve of Vista is for many users but its the functionality that drives many users insane.

Its a decision I believe Microsoft will re-evaluate in the next few months. I have worked on enough Vista machines to know that incorporating this "new" OS into a small business system could reak havoc on the owner!