Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back from an extended...

Hey folks B Winston back here in TBG Blogland. It has been AWHILE since I lasted posted - no excuses just been busy but I am back and here to stay.

Alot of developments in the tech world have transpired since my last post. One of the things that has truly caught my eye is the extremely affordable prices of small business/home office computers and laptops. I just saw a commericial for a Gateway laptop for $599. Fry's (a local electronics superstore) had a desktop pc this past weekend for $189. That's right folks prices for computer equipment are on the way down. That leads me to my next train of thought - you just don't know how many times I get emails from folks asking what kind of pc should they get, or they will find a pc they may like on the internet, print out the specs, and the plop the piece of paper in front of me awaiting a "ye" or "ne" response. The interesting thing is that most of the computers being sold today are well equipped for normal, everyday, business scenairio (those of you into gaming will have to pay a little more to get the particular type of pc and components you are looking for). So today I figured I would list out some key specs any potential pc you are planning to buy MUST have:

1. At least 256MB of RAM - 512 is ideal however.
2. 1.4 Mhz processor (minimum)
3. 60GB Hard Drive (if you plan on downloading alot of pictures, music, etc. a larger hard drive is essential).
4. CD-RW/DVD combo
5. Wireless capabilities (processor that supports wireless) *laptops only
6. 3 USB ports minimum (most printers, cameras, external hard drives, etc. all use a USB connection to connect to your pc) - 4 USB ports would be ideal.

That's really it folks. Now keep in mind you will see some computers or laptops with extra bells and whistles. But are they really neccesary? For example, say you see a laptop online for $599. But then you look and see that the laptop does not have built-in wireless. However, for an extra $200 dollars you can get a model with built-in wireless. Is that all necessary? Not in my book folks. All the major stores selling USB wireless adapters for under $50!! Believe me when I say they work like a charm - if you don't loose them (some folks in my office do that on a regular basis). So the point is bells and whistles cost more than they usually are - extra components can be added and end up being a WHOLE lot cheaper than having them installed when your machine is built.

Well I have kept you long enough folks. Go out there and capitlialize on all the great pc and laptop deals that are out there. Funny thing is that gas prices keep rising but pc equipment keeps going down...I hope it stays that way...at least the pc equipment anyway.

Till next time.

Brian J. Winston
Consultants - CTS
The Brico Group, Inc.

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