Sunday, March 05, 2006

Block Goofs on Their Own Taxes!?!?

Another weekend in tax season (of course I’m working the weekend) and my business partner forwarded me an e-mail regarding the tax bill that H&R Block just had to shell out. Found this to be rather interesting that a firm that prides them selves on preparing taxes for individuals and businesses would make a mistake on their own taxes. The company underestimated their own tax liability by 32 million last year, which kind of makes you wonder if they are passing these “strategies” on to their customers. People who use these “tax boutiques” to prepare their taxes must also know that the responsibility ultimately falls on the tax payer so tread with caution when going to a tax prep company to get your taxes done. I guess it all comes down to buyer beware.

Brian N. Stovall
Consultant - Accounting & Business Advisory
The Brico Group, Inc.

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