Thursday, April 27, 2006

Accounting Seminar Facts

Back from a long tax season folks and wanted to share some information from a seminar I did for small business owners this past weekend. The topic was how to make your accounting function more innovative and productive. Most small businesses break down into one of three categories for assessing accounting needs:

Pen and Paper businesses
Microsoft Excel businesses
Accounting Software businesses

Pen and paper businesses have may have the largest challenge but also have an opportunity to build a customized accounting system that can grow with their business. Businesses using Microsoftsof Excel can also benefit by having a smooth transfer to an existing accounting software. Small businesses using accounting software presently can build on their existing software by integrating their human resources, sales, and lead generation systems with their accounting software.

Always remember that your small business must stay agile so that you can stay competitive in the markets that you serve. Changes to your business structure may mean changes to your software infrastructure. Be sure that you are prepared.

For a copy of the Innovative Accounting Presentation send an e-mail to:

Brian N. Stovall
Consultant - Accounting and Business Advisory
The Brico Group, Inc.

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