Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jumpstarting Your New Year

As the year 2006 comes to an end let’s take this time to review the year in regards to small businesses. In an earlier post, we looked at the outlook for small businesses and for the most part the outlook looks rather promising. In the recent weeks, I have reviewed a few “offerings” for small businesses that can save you money, and increase your reach and profits for 2007.

New Phone Tax Formula

The IRS has finally announced the formula allowing businesses to estimate their federal excise tax refund. To request a refund, businesses must fill out Form 8913. The actual amount of the refund is determined either by the actual amount (from March 2003 thru July 2006) of excise taxes paid or by the formula the IRS provided. For more information regarding the tax formula, check the IRS website and or speak to your tax advisor.

Increase Your Profits

Here is a FREE 18 page report for those interested in generating more leads, maximizing your marketing opportunities and build on last year’s profits. Simply go to the following link to get the report.

Wish everyone a Happy New Year keeping your Business N Synergy

Brian N. Stovall

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