Sunday, March 11, 2007

Intuit’s Take on Technology and the Future

Recently there was an article in the New Your Times that featured Stephen Bennett, CEO of Intuit and his views of the future of business and technology. Bennett’s comments reveal some interesting assumptions regarding technology and how it will impact the way business is conducted in the future. Intuit purchased an online bank in an attempt to enter the bill pay market recently and this is definitely a sign that technology is an important part of the small business market’s growth. Bennett feels the online banking suite will create a “service suite that integrates all the data flow that makes it one place for small businesses to do online banking, bill payment and customer management.”

This is just one of the many changes taking place in the small business market. Intuit has taken the lead currently by introducing products that small business owners can use to make them more efficient and to have the information they need readily available. Other software makers are sure to follow. The time is now for your small businesses to at least test drive some of the new technologies. The new age of small business will be online, and NOT pen and paper. Be sure that your Business is N Synergy in the new age.

Brian N. Stovall

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Anonymous said...

That's a great point you raise about small business technology. In addition, be certain that the trend towards web-based software applications will become more prevalent than desktop apps in the next year or so. Its a different business model than pack and go software however is a prime example of how these services can benefit small businesses.