Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FREE E-Newsletter for Small Businesses

The IRS has started a new service called “e-News for Small Businesses”. This e-Newsletter will be distributed every Wednesday (today) and will provide small business owners and the self employed with useful tax information including:

Important, upcoming tax dates
What’s new on the IRS website
Reminders and tips to assist business with tax compliance
IRS news releases and special IRS announcements

The new e-Newsletter will be an easy way for small business owners and self-employed to gain insight from the IRS regarding tax issues and how they will affect their businesses. It also give the IRS an new angle to provide information electronically to small business owners, keeping in line with their strategy of embracing technology and cutting down on sending paper information to taxpayers.

For more information regarding the e-Newsletter, simply go to the IRS website at

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