Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Scam uses the IRS as Cover

The IRS has announced a new scam that has surfaced in some taxpayers’ e-mail accounts. The scam consists of a two-step e-mail that falsely promises recipients they will receive $80 for participating in an online customer satisfaction survey. The e-mail contains a URL linking to an online "Member Satisfaction Survey." In this case, the e-mail notifies the recipient that he or she has been randomly selected to participate in a survey. In return, the IRS will credit $80 to the taxpayer's account. There are references to the IRS in the "from" line and the "subject" line of the e-mail. The link to the survey and a copyright statement at the bottom of the e-mail also reference the IRS. The survey form features the IRS logo.

For more information regarding the scam check the IRS website link:,,id=173424,00.html

Taxpayers Beware!!!

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