Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IRS Form Changes for Not-For-Profits

Now that the extension deadline for corporations has passed many accountants and tax professionals can focus on those personal returns and some not-for-profits (NFP’s) with tax years ending in December. NFP’ will get a kick out of the news coming from the IRS recently for there are some changes on the horizon for the next filing season. The first change is the redesigned Form 990 that now has an 11 page core form that must be completed by all NFP’s. The major changes are in the areas of governance, and compensation of officers. Other changes are driven by IR-2008-102 which eliminated the advance rulings that gave NFP’s charity status but then required them to support their status by providing the public sources of their funding to receive a final determination letter.

The changes will definitely provide the IRS with more transparency on NFP’s and also make NFP’s information more open to the public. I guess NFP acronym will have to mean New Filing Procedures for not-for-profits.

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