Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big Brother watching your Small Business

While working as a manager for a previous employer, there were many times when our employees’ productivity would fall due to the many “tech” distractions in the office. The main tech distraction culprit was (and probably still is) the internet. Employees surfing the internet when work needs to be done is a major factor in loss productivity, your data being compromised, and possibly your business losing its competitive edge. The first line of defense in most small businesses is to have employees sign an internet usage policy, but how does a small business owner enforce the policy?

Here is a little software gem that I can across earlier this week that is sure to help small business owners monitor virtually everything that their employees do on their work computers. Spector 360 will track every key stroke, website, IM conversation and more. The cost is only $75 per employee which is a pretty good deal when you think about the savings down the line.

Employees beware; your Big Brother small business owner may be tracking you so stay on task.

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