Saturday, February 21, 2009

Your QuickBooks is slow

Intuit, the makers for the widely used small business accounting software QuickBooks have been seeing an increase in the disapproval of the changes that were made with their 2009 product. According to many of our clients and others that I personally have seen on accounting web forums, the problems seem to arise from the new R6 update and the online banking features of the product. According to Intuit, they are frantically working on the updates to ensure that the software is more stable. Some specific issues that are being addressed are:

• Performance issues
• Pre-fill split totals, reminders
• Pre-fill QB forms (checks, CC charges)
• Expanded account associations

Intuit states that they will not be able to fix all the issues at once and request that users of the 2009 product be patient. Many small business software consultants are advising their clients to wait on upgrading to the new 2009 version of QuickBooks. Another option is to look toward other more stable options for your small business accounting software. Maintaining a stable accounting system is important for any small business owner.

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