Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Conficker Conflicts

Today is the day of pranks all over the country and although most April 1 pranks are suppose to be harmless and fun; the Conficker worm is no laughing matter. For those that are worried about their computer systems being compromised, be sure to get all the facts regarding the Conficker worm. According to an article in PCMag, the worm should (and I emphasis should) not harm many of the computers operating in the U.S. that is if those computers are not loaded with updated anti-virus and malware software. Another security procedure that many should take is to ensure that their passwords are strong and updated regularly. This reader was also surprised to learn that the Conficker worm is mainly a Microsoft XP issue. Be sure to check out the PCMag article for ways to protect your computer and remove the worm if you have it already.

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