Saturday, June 11, 2011

15 Tech Factors to Watch For

Small biz owners and consumers both will like this quick (about 7mins or so) video that provides 15 tech factors to watch for and a look into the future of the internet and how we all will use it. Much of the video confirms the information that I heard recently at a social media seminar regarding the growth of social networks and how consumers use the internet.

Watch the video here

What does this mean for a small biz owner? Technology will be an important and integral part of your marketing, operational, and long term strategy. Small biz's will look more to social networks for customers and clients, using cloud services can keep the small biz owner connected and by embracing technology your small biz will be better positioned for growth.

So what do you think small biz owner's? Are you currently using technology (social media, smart phones, cloud computing) in your small business?

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Tech Accountant

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