Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are Tablets a Game-Changer for Small Biz?

Small business owners are always looking for the ultimate game changer that will increase their productivity and competitiveness. Their search typically brings them back to technology, due to the fact that tech can improve both a small businesses' people and processes. Take your local bakery (one of my catering/bakery clients sent me these great stollen bites) business for example.

With the use of technology, employees can know in real time how much of certain ingredients they need and have on hand to provide customers with their favorite products. Technology can also help the business coordinate their catering/delivery schedules to ensure that baked goods are enjoyed at the height of freshness. Kinda like these great bake goods I'm eating.

My these are good!

So what are the tech trends that will be the game changers for tomorrow? The increase use of mobile solutions like smart-phones, tablets, and their corresponding apps will be the tech tools that will keep many firms competitive and productive. Based off feedback from surveys and client research, there also seems to be an increase in the interest of tablets and how a small business owner can use them efficiently.

Some of the key areas of concern for small business owners should be to implement a strategy for securing all these mobile devices considering the move to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in many firms and the threat of unwanted access to company information if devices get in the wrong hands.

Will tablets be the game-changer for small biz?

It will be exciting to see which tablets small business owners will be using (or adding via BYOD). With the introduction of the new iPad mini next week, along with the Microsoft Surface tablet, a small business owner's holiday wish list is sure to grow!

Are you using (or will be using) tablets in your small business?

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