Sunday, September 17, 2006

Branding Your Small Business Niche

Many small businesses are started to fill a particular need that larger organizations either feel are not profitable or have not devised a viable strategy to penetrate that market. It is very important for a small business to “brand” their service or goods to ensure that the market knows what particular niche they fill. This way a small business can create a lasting impression in the marketplace that can increase their reach and possibly profits.

Following are a few questions a small business owner needs to address to ensure that their goods or services are branded effectively in the marketplace:

What are your clients buying and who are your competitors? Know what your brand means to your clients and customers and who in the marketplace have similar products.

What is your short phrase sentence? This is your one sentence description that describes completely what your firm does.

What is your catch phrase? This is basically your tagline that supports your brand.

Has your brand been in the news lately? This is important for getting your brand out to the public. Make sure the publicity is not negative though.

Do you have a strategy for building your brand up? Brand building should be an integral part of a small businesses overall strategy. Always make this a part of your business and operational plans.

For more on branding your small business check out our free small business seminars at the College Park Library in the Atlanta area. New schedule can be found on our “Firm Notes” page of our website

As always keep your Business N Synergy

Brian N. Stovall

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