Thursday, November 08, 2007

Crunching Back the Cash Flow Crunch

Two interesting articles crossed the e-mail today. One article is announcing a new ad campaign that encourages more people to start their own businesses. The launch of Intuit’s “Just Start” will launch in New York’s Grand Central today and tomorrow. Another article probably echoes the sentiments of many existing small business owners that operating a business and managing cash flow are the most important issues to success.

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The numbers in these articles is what really caught my eye. Intuit conducted a survey with accountants and their results found that the majority of accountants tell individuals interesting in starting their own business to create a business plan. Almost all of the accountants surveyed also stated that up to one quarter of their clients did not use accounting software.

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Another survey conducted by CPA2Biz found that over half of small business owners do not use budgets or forecasts to effectively manage their cash flow. These surveys bring up major issues that small business owners must address to keep their business running smoothly. Attending one of our FREE seminars is a good way to get the tools to keep your cash flow smooth.

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