Monday, November 19, 2007

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Coming Soon

Microsoft is updating their small business accounting software package for 2008. Get ready for the new Office Accounting Express and Professional 2008. Each software title has enhanced features in addition to the seamless integration with existing Microsoft software titles. The major improvements are:

1. New Bilingual versions
2. New Resource Center
3. Budgeting Functions
4. Universal transaction import
5. Easier Invoicing
6. Enhanced Purchase and Sales Order tools
7. Streamlined Online Banking

Of course Office Accounting has all the features that made over 2million people download the FREE version in 2007. These features include payroll integration, EBay business integration, and the ability to send your books to your accountant remotely. For more information on how Microsoft Office Accounting can make your business run smoothly be sure to visit their website or speak to a Microsoft Office Accounting Certified Consultant.

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