Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tech Tools to Improve Your Small Business

Keeping with the technology theme of our last post, I simply wanted to give an update on our firm’s field computer woes. We luckily were not “down” very long as it only took the computer repair shop one day to isolate and fix our problem. It turns out that something was wrong with the main PC board on the laptop and being that it was still under warranty, the repairs were free. So we are now back up and running smoothly.

I did get a chance to check out some new software that might prove useful for many of the small business owners out there and the great thing about them is they are free. The first one is called Jing Project and it allows users to capture pictures from their own workstations, record video of your click thru’s and then share those click thru’s with others. This is great for those of you who need to walk others through steps and processes (like assisting clients with accounting software). The second is somewhat similar and is called Dimdim. Dimdim is a free web conferencing service (no software to download) that allows you to share your desktop for web based live meetings. They offer a free version but down also have low cost editions that offer more features.

If your small business wants to be on the cutting edge of technology and compete with the Big Boys, be sure to check out these tools. Our firm uses them and loves them.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post here. Great tools for a smb to use!