Monday, December 29, 2008

Your Income Tax….May be Wrong???

Now that the holidays are mostly gone, many of us are looking for ways to pay off the holiday bills that we have built up. Usually the first option that comes to everyone’s mind is their tax refund, and we now scurry to get all our tax information together just like we are scurrying for those gifts for friends and family. Many taxpayers make an attempt to prepare their taxes on their own without the assistance of a tax professional by using off the shelf software and income tax books.

One of the main books that taxpayers use is J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax editions. These are rather nice references for a taxpayer to have that include a wealth of information; however the current version (2009) was printed before all of the current tax changes were put into effect. If you were one of the taxpayers that bought the 2009 edition, be sure to check their website for updates to the printed information or speak to a tax professional that has the proper training regarding the new tax law changes.

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