Sunday, March 08, 2009

Small Business Paperless Options

Maintaining an organized back office and filing system can become quite a strain for many small business owners (SBO’s). Small business owners are currently more focused on cash flow and sales than taking care of the administrative tasks. There are a great deal of online tools available to SBO’s that can assist them with the administrative tasks. Many of the options can be added with a very small learning curve and price.

Here are a few examples of paperless options that small business owners can utilize to assist with back office administrative tasks:

• Company Intranets – Can help SBO’s stay organized, access documents, track progress on projects.
• Online File Storage – SBO’s have a centralized location for all documents.
• Online Backup – SBO’s have assurance that their critical documents are available in the case of a casualty, theft, loss, or disaster.

A simple search of “small business paperless options” will provide the SBO with all kinds of paperless solutions. When searching for paperless options SBO’s should look for solutions that are secure, improve productivity, improve customer service, and ensure business continuance. Typically the change from paper to paperless in an ongoing process and SBO’s should closely monitor technology expenses to ensure there is a cost benefit.

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