Saturday, March 14, 2009

Windows 7 Small Business Panes

Recently while reviewing small business networking sites and forums, a few conversations centered around small business owners trying to decide on new technology improvements and many were stating that they were going to keep their XP systems until the release of Windows 7.

Hold on there small business owners…..

As a small business that not only has run the beta version of Windows 7 on a business machine (not recommended by Microsoft) and one that tries to stay ahead of the technology curve waiting may not be a very smart move. While there will still be issues with software compatibility, small businesses XP computer systems may not be able to handle Windows 7 thus an upgrade will be needed. Microsoft will continue to service XP through 2014 so there is still some time to receive support.

A Vista machine makes the path towards Windows 7 at bit less painless due primarily to tighter compatibility between Vista and Windows 7 and lessens the chances of software problems. Small businesses thinking about adding the Windows 7 pane, should map out a technology plan that is in line with their goals and budgets.

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