Saturday, April 25, 2009

Backups not leaving your back out

Small business owners should have a consistent data backup procedure in place to ensure that their operations do not miss a beat in the event of a theft, or loss from disaster. When thinking of the correct way a small business owner should backup their data, the story of the passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 come to mind. One passenger back up his data the correct way, secure and at an offsite location; the other passenger back up his data with thumb drives. Guess whose data was accessible once the plane landed in the Hudson?

Be sure that your business has a consistent, offsite and secure backup plan for your data. A small business technology consultant can provide a roadmap on the procedures for backing up data, the backup schedule and more. That way your backup won’t have your back out.

Keeping Your Business N Synergy

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it seems as if business understand the importance of their data, but misinterpret the importance of backing up their data.