Saturday, August 15, 2009

Microsoft Office Accounting Express Review

QuickBooks may have a formidable opponent for their Simple Start software offering. Microsoft’s Office Accounting Express was recently reviewed by and was given very high marks by the reviewers. Both QB’s Simple Start and MS Express are geared toward the small office home office (SOHO) segment of the small business market or for those who are transferring from pen and paper or spreadsheets to perform their accounting functions. The functionality within MS Express goes beyond that of QB Simple Start thus allowing the SOHO business owner more flexibility and efficiency that will save them money in the long run (did I mention that MS Express is free to download here).

Be sure to read the review and see for yourself why MS Express is better for your small business. Also be on the lookout in the coming months for brief online presentations on how to use MS Express in your SOHO business. The presentations will be posted on this blog and our company's website.

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