Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scams, Shams, and Fraud

While going through my e-mails this morning, I came across an “urgent” e-mail from my bank stating that as part of their security measures, the bank had screened my account. The e-mail goes on to say that to restore my account I need to click on the link to sign into online banking. The e-mail itself contain all the information of a legitimate e-mail from the bank (including the bank’s logo) however, the link to sign into online banking did not contain the banks web address nor did the e-mail address contain the bank’s name. Typically when an individual or business receives one of these e-mails you should not click on the links nor enter any of your personal information.

Yes people due to the economy the scammers are coming out of the wood work to take your hard earned money and they will even impersonate the government. Here is an interesting article that I came across today where scam artists are impersonating the IRS in another “phishing” scam. Before you take any of the action described in any e-mail you receive, be sure to call the institution that way you can protect yourself and your hard earned money.

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