Saturday, October 03, 2009

New Product or New Way of Working

There were two events that happened this past week that are really the driving force behind this blog post, one is the introduction of Intuit’s newest QuickBooks 2010 offering. The marketing e-mails that I have received have promised that the QB2010 version is the best yet and it will save accountants more time when working with their clients due to the enhanced features. For small business owners that are interested in how QB2010 will make them work faster and smarter be sure to take a look at this web review of the product. At the end of the review there is also a way for QB2009 purchasers who bought their software 60 days before the QB2010 release to upgrade their product to the newer version for free.

A free webinar (for my CPE credits) is the other driving force that provided me with a viable option and a new (possibly better) way of performing accounting functions for clients, that allows accountants and small businesses both to work collaboratively. The webinar was titled “How to Transform Your Client Accounting Services Practice through Cloud Computing and On-Demand Accounting” and it explained how accountants and small business owners can use online accounting services instead of boxed software that would allow each to work virtually anywhere, have instant access to current numbers, and the piece of mind that the data is secure. Although the webinar was geared for accountants, small business owners may gain some insight into how cloud computing/on-demand accounting is different (and maybe better) than boxed software or a hosted box software solution.

So as a small business owner which strategy fits your business model? Feel free to post your comments.

B. N. S.

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