Thursday, October 29, 2009

QuickBooks Problem….Solved??

Recently I did a post announcing the newest release of QuickBooks 2010 and according to a news article I came across today, this may be a good time to upgrade your software if you have not done so already. According to the article there is a security issue with older version of QuickBooks (2006 and Enterprise 6.0) that is related to Microsoft’s Active X technology. According to Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, the security issue has been fixed (even though older versions of QB’s are not supported by Intuit) and the 2010 product has been updated also. Kind of makes a person wonder if there is a better way of keeping your small business books? If there are security problems with off the shelf software, I wonder if using an on-demand internet based accounting solution would be more efficient.

With an on-demand accounting solution gone are the days of upgrading your software every year (or three years) because the software maker no longer supports your version, gone are the countless software updates that have to be completed so that your software can operate efficiently. Also gone are the days of working around your accountant’s schedule so that they can make their adjustments to your books and then send them back to you. An on-demand solution may be in your future if you are ready to make the change to the newest technology available with possibly a lower cost of ownership. Be sure to find out the pros and cons of the new technology for yourself with the following article. Enjoy.

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