Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twittering for the New Year

I have to admit that when it came to Twitter I had to be one of the laggards that bought in. Now that I have finally setup an account (@TechAccountant) I am having a ball getting into the “groove” so to speak. What really jumpstarted my interest in Twitter was an article that I read before the end of the year in Entrepreneur that provided me with a roadmap on how to use Twitter and the benefits of using it for my business. Since then I have been tweeting virtually every day providing information that can help small business owners using technology to their advantages. In the process I have come across some rather interesting people who also use Twitter via a Linked In group. I also found out by accident that my online data backup has the capability to save my tweets and backup my Twitter account.

These are just a few of the fun tools that I have been playing around with for the first 15 days of the New Year. Be sure to post what tech tools you use for Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media tool that you use.

Oh and if you have not noticed the name of the blog has changed to “The Tech Accountant” to better portray what the blog is all about. Still the same look and feel (for now), but lookout for more changes in the next 15 days of January and beyond.

The Tech Accountant

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