Friday, February 05, 2010

Tax Preparation Changes

Recently I signed my firm up to use a new product being offered by Intuit that may change the way tax professionals prepare returns for their clients. The new Intuit ProLine Tax Online Edition is in the process of being developed by the company and currently allows our firm to prepare personal tax returns from virtually anywhere we have an internet connection. The ProLine Tax Online Edition is currently in beta testing and our firm is excited to be one of around 2000 other firms that are testing the product for the current year. Intuit plans to add business returns, document management, workflow management, and integration with accounting products (QuickBooks I’m sure). Here’s a funny video from Intuit about their new product.

This is an exciting time for tax and accounting professionals as our profession and the way we do business is changing. The question is which firm will embrace the change and who will resist it.
The Tech Accountant

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