Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bright Idea…Dimdim

The buzz around the small business owners that I interact with is technology. More and more small business owners (SBO’s) are beginning to embrace the world of technology to help them get more done and operate their businesses more efficiently. One tool that many of my SBO clients like is a little tool call Dimdim. I have posted before on the benefits of this software but recently Dimdim made some updates. Dimdim allows you to share your desktop, make presentations, and conduct online meetings. I use it to show SBO’s how to use various accounting software, how to upload files to our secure web portal, and even conduct online seminars. The possibilities are endless with this jewel. Best of all, Dimdim is free and they also have a low cost Pro version that has more features and functionality.

So be sure to stop by the Dimdim website and see if your small business can benefit from using it.

The Tech Accountant

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