Monday, March 01, 2010

Your Data Can Be Hacked

As I sit in the office starting off my Monday, I overheard an interview on our local news morning show with a gentleman name Greg Evans of Ligatt Security discussing how most computer data is not secure. This got me thinking about how small business owners secure their data and what measures they need to take to ensure that their data is difficult to hack. Mr. Evans did make some very good points regarding how one should go about protecting their data and computers. The first is to ensure that you have spyware and malware detection software loaded on your computer in addition to antivirus software. He also mentioned ensuring that your firewall is enabled as a precaution too.

What really caught my attention in the interview was the following link that was given to check and see if your computers are hacker proof. Be sure to stop by and enter your computer vitals to find out if there are any additional measures you need to take to protect your computer and data. Finally I need to check on a new iPhone app that has been introduced recently that will maybe help protect some of the shortcomings of the iPhone.

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