Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is snow clouding your biz? Here are 3 ways to bring back the sunshine

Snow storms that bring icy roads are a sure fire way to stop many businesses from operating, but for some businesses a snow storm should not be a problem. As many of you already know there has been quite a few snow storms moving across the nation (Florida was the only state not to have snow this week) lately and the one that hit the southeast has brought many cites to a halt. Technology can help many small businesses continue operations even in the event of inclement weather. Here are three technologies that can keep your small business operating when Mother Nature throws snow balls at your operations:

1. Web Conferencing – You have your presentation all ready for the big meeting tomorrow but when you wake up ready for work you find out the city is shut down due to a blizzard. No worries. By using a web conferencing service your meeting can continue as planned. Web conferencing allows users to conduct live meetings, presentations, and training via the internet. So if you are stuck at home find a nice quite place (away from the kids) and conduct your meeting just like you were face-to-face

2. Web Portals – You have the contracts all typed up and are ready to deliver them to the client but there is one problem, the roads are icy and you can’t make it to the client’s location. Not a problem if you are using a web portal. Web portals allow you to share documents with virtually anyone anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. The client can login to the secure portal (just like online banking) and access the document, review and send back to you. The contract is in the client’s hands possibly faster than you delivering it.

3. Remote Desktop Sharing – You have been snowed in your home for the past few days and have not been able to make it to your client’s location. The client is having a problem with their software and they need you there to resolve the issue. With a remote desktop sharing, you can access your client’s computer and walk them through the solution to their problem or even resolve the problem yourself. The client is happy that they can continue business as usual and you look like a hero without even leaving your home.

These are just a few ways a small business owner can use technology to continue their business operations when dealing with mother-nature. We currently use all of these technologies are more in our firm even when there is not a snow storm. Be sure to research these solutions for your small business so that you can apply them in the future.

The Tech Accountant

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