Thursday, September 10, 2009

More on Banking

There has been a great deal of talk lately regarding the large amount of fees that banks charge consumers and business owners for their accounts. From the accounting discussion groups that I belong to, to the many of my clients whom I provide bookkeeping for, everyone is beginning to get feed up with the many fees banks charge for access to our money. Some of the most common fees I have seen on bank statements are cash deposits fees, not maintaining a minimum balance fee, transactions fees, and of course the monthly maintenance fee.

Well there is hope for the consumer and business owner who is cash strapped at the present time, one thing you can do is go to your bank and see if they have different accounts that do not charge all those unnecessary fees . Another option is to shop around for another bank in your area that offers totally free checking and saving accounts. If there are not any of those options in your area, you can also consider an online bank. These banks usually have free accounts due to the fact that they operate with less overhead than a traditional bank. Either option you choose can possibly save you hundreds of dollars a year.

B. N. S.

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