Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tech Tools Keeping You Productive

Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend of mine assisting him with getting his small business off the ground and he mentioned that he had recently purchased a merchant account for his business. He will be using the merchant account to sell his motivational CD’s and other products but his problem was how he could sell his products while away from his office at seminars and conventions. That got me thinking if there was a way to use a smart phone as a credit card terminal. I have yet to find a way this can be done with a Blackberry phone, but did come across a couple of iPhone apps that will allow users to use their phone as a merchant terminal. The three that were at the top of the list are:

Credit Card Terminal by Inner Fence, LLC
• iSwipe Pro Credit Card Terminal by AppNinjas, LLC
Billing: Credit Card Terminal by Spartadata

As with any iPhone app (or any app for that matter) be sure to read all the fine print and maybe some of the reviews regarding any hidden fees that are not initially mentioned. I found the apps to be a great addition to any small business owner’s productivity toolkit because you can accept credit cards virtually anywhere from any customer, and this can improve your cash flow and allow you to operate your business at a higher level.

As for my friend we are still searching for a Blackberry app that will allow users to do the same. If anyone has any ideas feel free to post them.

B. N. S.

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Unknown said...

After doing some quick research along with my friend, we were able to find Blackberry apps that allow one to use their phone as a credit card terminal. Be sure to check out the following link.