Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Accounting Software Myths

Many small business owners use accounting software to run their businesses so that they will have the necessary information they need to make business decisions and file their taxes. Most software companies that advertise their products make the products appear to be so easy to setup and operate that they make claims that anyone can take the software right out the box, load it, and they are off and running. From an accountant’s standpoint, this is typically not the case.

Doing “clean up” work has become a lucrative area of specialization for many accountants and that got me to thinking about how software companies market their products to small business owners. I came across an interesting article about the myths of QuickBooks (although you could place any small business software title in its place) that I found interesting. The main point of the article is that if the software is not setup correctly from the start by a person with an accounting background, the end reports will be useless to the small business owner. Be sure that if you are a small business owner planning to use accounting software that you have it setup properly from the start. Proper setup will ensure that less dollars are spent down the line.

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