Monday, July 20, 2009

Wamu/Chase, Economy and Change

Thanks to many small business owners and taxpayers bailout money, there has been a great deal of consolidating in the banking industry. One of the major consolidations is the merging of Washington Mutual (Wamu) and Chase banks and the change will have an effect on a lot of small business owners and individuals. If you have accounts with Wamu and you also use financial software like Microsoft Office Accounting, QuickBooks, or Quicken there are some important dates to keep in mind:

July 23 – be sure to schedule your payments and transfers online via your Wamu account or pass this information onto your bookkeeper to processing.

July 24-25 – you will be able to view information online at your Wamu account but you will not be able to make online payments or transfers

July 26 – All Wamu accounts will now transfer to

For more information on the Wamu/Chase changeover be sure to go to the Wamu website.

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