Monday, July 27, 2009

Working Virtually Anywhere

Over the weekend there was a good article for small business owners in my local paper. The article dealt with the demand for virtual assistants by small business owners and how that demand has continued to grow (even in this economy). If you don’t exactly know what a virtual assistant or “VA” does be sure to check out the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) for details. In a nutshell a VA provides a small business owner with the necessary “back office” administrative services via the web so that the owner can focus on running their business.

VA’s can provide assistance in the areas of administrative, creative, technology, and financial skills and since VA’s are independent, the cost to a small business owner is less. Since VA’s work in the “virtual” world, small business owners can contract with multiple VA’s that can be spread across any boundary. The article got me thinking about the services that I provide and in many cases I guess I would have to consider myself to be a VA. Changes in the economy are causing small business owners to think of ways to cut costs and keep more of their hard earned money. Working with a VA or a firm that offers virtual services may be the key.

Keeping Your Business N Synergy

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